If not receiving work, please reload project

If not receiving work, please reload project

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Dear collaborators,

Recently have switched Ibercivis to work with two schedulers, one in Portugal and other in Spain. The method is that even result-ids are served from one server, odd result-ids are served from the other. In this way, your client can still contact Ibercivis even if one of the schedulers is down.

Problem is, if you are getting job only from the Spanish server, it means that it can occasionally run out of available jobs. Most boinc clients will eventually reload the project page and then take automagically note of the existence of both servers. Still, you can try to reload manually from the boinc manager, either by login off and on from the project or by pressing the button "reload project".

The project is running fine, thanks you your help. If curious, check the plot in
http://www.ibercivis.es/datos_ibercivis ... cores.html

During next holidays you will notice some new applications running. Remember you can get updated information in http://www.ibercivis.pt and http://www.ibercivis.es

Thanks very much

Alejandro Rivero
(in name of the Ibercivis technical board)

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