Projekt für Neuanmeldungen geschlossen

Projekt für Neuanmeldungen geschlossen

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The BBC Climate Change Experiment has closed to new users however, you can still participate in the experiment.

Stop Press: We are pleased to announce that this experiment and the documentaries 'Meltdown' and 'Climate Change: Britain Under Threat' associated with the experiment have been nominated for an award in the Interactivity category of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards. Thanks to everyone taking part and making this possible! The winner will be announced 20 May 2007 in the ceremony at the London Palladium. For complete listings see the BAFTA Nominations website.

The BBC Climate Change Experiment, launched as a collaboration with in spring 2006, has closed to new participants. If you are a confident computer user you can still download and install similar climate experiments, although the BBC cannot support you.

* If you're already taking part, please keep going. There is no deadline for your results to be received. All your interim and final data will be accepted, no matter how long they take.
* If you would like to join up for the first time, the Oxford University research team have their own experiments available for download at However, installing and running them is less straightforward than the BBC version, so please note:
1. The BBC cannot help you with installing or running those non-BBC experiments.
2. The newer experiments are suitable for Windows PCs, Linux machines and (soon) Intel Macs but please satisfy yourself that you understand the technical requirements of downloading and running the application.
3. Follow these links for download information and the downloads.
4. Note that your BBC Climate Change Experiment account information has been copied over, so you should be able to attach to from BOINC using your current BBC CCE email address and password!

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